International Franchisors

Are you an international franchisor looking to expand your franchise network across Australia?
Is your Australian franchise ready to take on the world stage?
At WFD, we have the experience, track record and in-house resources to assist you to achieve your international franchising ambitions specifically designed for your particular franchise system.
We know the Australian franchising marketplace and Australian franchising laws and regulations. We guide you through the development and regulatory stages to ensure your franchise is promoted and operated in the Australian context.
For our Australian franchise clients, we tap into our international networks of franchising specialists to research, develop and market your franchise brand in countries where your franchise concept will be well received.
International franchising and licensing is a highly specialised business expansion discipline that requires local knowledge, flexibility to adapt to cultural differences and the ability to partner with the right people in the country being selected for development.  Don’t put your concept or your brand at risk.  
Australian Companies Going Overseas 
  • International Franchising Strategy
  • Legal Documentation for the overseas market
  • Country Franchise Opportunity Brochure and Information Kit
Overseas Franchisors Coming into Australia 
  • Master Franchise Recruitment
  • Franchisee Profiling
  • Franchise Lead Generation
  • Australian Franchise Code Compliance
  • International Business Agreements
What Next 
Looking to expand your business into Australia or establish your Australian brand overseas - talk to the WFD professionals to ensure your next move is carefully planned and implemented to reduce risk, but more importantly to select the right people to grow your brand. Contact Colin Crawford our National Franchise Manager on +61 3 9999 5488 for a confidential discussion on expanding your business network

Case Studies

Global Sports Brand 
An international consortium of Australian, Malaysian and Chinese investors engaged WFD's lawyers to act for them in Australia to negotiate and acquire the rights to an iconic, global sports brand.
Negotiations centred on the acquisition of rights under a brand and distribution licensing arrangements for Australia.
Vending Machines 
A vending machine manufacturer from New Zealand wanted to expand their retail operations into Australia. The company had successfully established franchises across New Zealand. As the franchise laws are different in Australia, we recommended that they expand by appointing licensees rather then franchisees.
Our team was involved in determining territories across Australia, producing a license agreement, recruitment documentation and appointing 43 licensees throughout the country.
Spanish Donuts 
Our team developed a new food franchise in Australia and was responsible for strategic development and recruiting new franchisees.
We were successful in appointing Master Distributors in India and Qatar.
Chicken Takeaway 
After appointing franchisees in Australia for a retail chicken franchise, our team successfully appointed a Master Franchisee in New Zealand.
European Food Brand Franchise 
WFD's legal team acted for a major European franchise brand in food and restaurants prior to their entering the Australian market.
The work involved ensuring their franchise agreements were Franchise Code compliant with Australian Consumer Laws.
In addition to these preliminary reviews, our team also negotiated the Master Franchise rights for Australia and negotiated joint venture arrangements with overseas holding entities.
Consumer Product 
Space Bags are a worldwide company based in the USA. Their vacuum sealed plastic bag is promoted the same way in every country from Europe to Asia using late night TV commercials.
Australian sales were continually far greater per head of population than other countries. The directors wanted to know why. We were approached to conduct Australia-wide research at the point of sale. The statistically-valid research report concluded that the Australian distributor had made two minor changes to the advertising that produced significantly greater sales.
This strategy was then implemented in all other countries.
Childcare Early Learning Centres 
A Singapore-based operator of child care centres was investigating the potential of entering the Australian market and franchising its Early Learning Centres.
Our team was engaged to carry out a feasibility study into franchising the centres. The study concluded that franchising was viable, but only for centre positioned at the premium end of the market, due to the heavily regulated sector in Australia.
The company's decision was to focus instead on entering the less regulated market in China.
Glass Protective Film Applicator 
A New Zealand manufacturer of protective glass film wanted to expand into Australia.
Our team was approached to develop the business model. We also produced the legal agreement and recruitment documentation.
The business opportunity was directly marketed to smash repair businesses, graffiti removal companies and other associated target markets.
Our team handled the recruitment process from the initial enquiry through to the signing of the agreements and settlement.
Wedding Dresses 
Our team were approached by the largest wedding dress manufacturer based in America >> and manufacturing in India to establish 100 franchised retail stores in Australia.
After conducting state-by-state research it was concluded that there was only a wedding dress market for 20 to 30 stores which made the proposed business model unworkable. The research found that in hot climates wedding dresses were mostly not worn.
Our consultants recommend that the company appoint current wedding dress retail boutique proprietors to become licensees which was adopted across Australia.
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