International Franchisors

Are you an international franchisor looking to expand your franchise network across Australia? 
Is your Australian franchise ready to take on the world stage? 
At Wollermann Franchise Developments, we have the experience, track record and in-house resources to assist you to achieve your international franchising ambitions with a tailored approach designed for your particular franchise system. 
We know the Australian franchising marketplace and Australian franchising laws and regulations. We guide you through the development and regulatory stages to ensure your franchise is promoted and operated in the Australian context. 
For our Australian franchise clients, we tap into our international networks of franchising specialists to research, develop and market your franchise brand in countries where your franchise concept will be well received. 
International franchising and licensing is a highly specialised business expansion discipline that requires local knowledge, flexibility to adapt to cultural differences and the ability to partner with the right people in the country being selected for development.  Don’t put your concept or your brand at risk. Call the experts at Wollermann Franchise Developments  
(+61 3 9999 5488) to discuss your international expansion options using franchising or licensing.