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Franchise Strategy Development

There are many ways to grow a business and there are dozens of different 
expansion strategies. What is the best way to expand your business? 
That is what WFD is all about – developing the best franchise strategy for your business’s future, and bringing all these components together to achieve your business expansion goals. 
Business Expansion Services 
  • Pre-Franchising Systems Development
  • Franchise Implementation Strategy
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Licensing / Distribution Strategy Plan
  • Information Memorandum
  • Territory Demographic Analysis
  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Statistically-valid Customer Research
  • Franchisor Consulting
  • Franchise System & Code Audit
  • Franchisee Compliance Audit
  • Franchisor Network Management
  • International Expansion Strategies

Operations and Training Manuals

The heart of any successful franchise is its Business Systems. These systems are documented in the Operations and Procedures Manuals and delivered to franchisees via Franchisee Induction and Training Manuals. 
The manuals also link in with the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document. 
The type and number of manuals required will vary from company to company and from industry to industry. For example, a large established corporation with a national distribution system may require a full and extremely comprehensive suite of manuals (for compliance, instruction, control and enforcement), whereas a newly established franchise group may only require just a couple of manuals to facilitate training and uniformity of each outlet’s operation in its territory. 
WFD consultants have extensive experience in preparing operations manuals in industries as diverse as Food and Hospitality, Trade Services, Automotive, Business Services, HR, Retailing and Home Services. We can also assist clients to prepare their own manuals using WFD’s know-how and experience. 
Operation Manuals 
  • Franchisor Operations, Policy and Procedures Manuals
  • Franchisee Operations and Procedures Manuals
  • Induction Training Manuals
  • Regulatory Compliance Manuals:
    • Food Safety
    • OH&S
    • RSA
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human Resources
  • Review of existing Franchise Manuals and Updates

Legal Documentation

In Australia the franchising industry is governed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 – Franchise Code of Conduct, regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”).  
To own and operate a franchise in Australia, a franchisor must prepare a Franchisor Disclosure Document and make it available to a prospective franchisee prior to the franchisee signing a franchise agreement or paying a franchise fee. In addition, there are a number of other obligations for a franchisor in recruiting new franchisees into the network.  
Skip the hassle of using different lawyers and consultants – we handle it all for you under the one roof. Despite its apparent complexity, we prepare and deliver to you a full suite of Code-compliant legal documentation at the commencement of your franchisee recruitment activity – saving you time, expense and the risk of unwanted scrutiny by the regulators. 
Using WFD’s Law Specialists 
WFD has its own in-house Franchise Law Specialist. Robert Toth is the only Australian lawyer accredited with the International Franchise Lawyers Association (“FLA”). 
Using your own Franchise Lawyer 
At WFD, we team with our clients who already have a franchise lawyer. Our strategic consultants often prepare the franchise pre-planning work, develop the legal brief and manage the preparation of the Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document and recruitment legal forms in conjunction with our client’s legal advisers.  
Legal Documentation and Assistance 
  • Franchise Legal Brief
  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Registrations
  • Company Structure Planning
  • Franchise Code Compliance Checklist
  • Licensing and Distributor Agreements
  • Master Franchise Documentation
  • International Business Agreements
  • Employment Law Matters
  • Commercial and Retail Leasing
  • Buying and Selling Business Agreements
  • Franchise Dispute Resolution
  • Franchise Mediation

Premises Leasing

At WFD we have experienced leasing specialists able to find that unique site for your next franchised outlet. 
  • New Store Site Selection
  • Lease Assignment/Rent Negotiation/Lease Surrender
  • Lease Renewal Negotiation

Franchisee Selection and Recruitment

Parent company Wollermann’s history has been built on the back of selling businesses. With over 25 years’ experience we know what it takes to attract and appoint new franchisees for a new store or a territory. 
It is in recruitment that most other franchise consultants fall short – lacking the expertise or experience to successfully recruit new franchisees to your network. But at WFD, we are a genuine one-stop, all-inclusive franchise consultancy. It is in the total service delivery of franchise strategy development AND franchisee recruitment that we excel.  
We begin by understanding your business and profiling your “ideal Franchisee”.  Having appointed new franchisees to green-field sites (brand new outlets), we have the expertise to attract the right candidate and handle the sales process – from initial enquiry through to signing the franchise agreement.  
Franchisee Selection and Recruitment 
  • Franchise Information Kit
  • Franchise Brochure Copy
  • Franchise Application Form
  • Franchise Lead Generation Strategy
  • Franchisee Selection and Recruitment
  • Potential Franchisee Profiling

Selling Your Franchise Business

Selling a franchised business is very different to selling an existing non-franchised business to a new owner.  
Most business brokers in Australia are unaware of the differences required. 
At WFD, we act on behalf of franchisors to sell existing sites and for a franchisee to exit their franchised business. 
Our consultants have sold franchised businesses for the following brand name companies over the years. 
Ace Body CorporateCoffee ClubLa PorchetaBP Service Stations
Australia PostDegani’sMagic Hand CarwashSportspower
Bakers DelightDent MasterMichel’s PatisserieSubway
BB’s Coffee & BakeDomino’s PizzaMr RentalTatts
BeaurepairesDonut KingOptus WorldTint A Car
BreadtopGloria Jeans CoffeePie FaceTyre Factory
  • Franchise Business Profile
  • Franchise Lead Generation Marketing
  • Franchisee Business Recruitment